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New Product Offerings!

Custom Music Love Dedications and More Product Offerings from David Michael Cray (Crayfish)! Here are links to all the offerings I have available right now.  In addition to the offerings below, I also am now looking to get back into performing live shows whenever anyone wants them. I play classical guitar in a variety of …

Healing Music and Vibrations

Album for any price! Healing Music and Vibrations

Healing Music and Vibrations   Healing music and Healing vibrations may be the best discovery in modern science when it comes to its potential for how it could work in the future.  Dr. Leo Horowitz (filmmaker with four best-selling books and 21 award-winning books) said that one day in the near future we might be …

“Buried Seeds: Creative Rediscovery”

Discovering Buried Seeds for Creative Development

Buried Seeds     Have you ever worked hard on something for a long time, and then didn’t even realize you had accomplished what you had actually accomplished? I have been thinking a lot about creative development and rediscovery of the seeds we’ve planted. Working on things that we will finish days, weeks, months, or …