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Custom Music Love Dedications and More Product Offerings from David Michael Cray (Crayfish)!

Here are links to all the offerings I have available right now.  In addition to the offerings below, I also am now looking to get back into performing live shows whenever anyone wants them. I play classical guitar in a variety of styles and am now getting ready to add songs that I play and sing to my setlists including some covers and some original songs. Also, my wife and I are fully vaccinated, but we are still taking precautions to protect ourselves and my clients from Covid 19. Contact me at info@davidmichaelcray.com to book a performance. I am now booking out the rest of the year and beyond if you like. Also, streaming concerts are also a possibility if you would like that instead of in person.

Visit the various pages of my website at  davidmichaelcray.com to find out more about my work and what I’ve done.

Here are the New Product Offerings:

1. $499 : Crayfish Custom Classical Finger-Style Guitar Love Dedication Piece w/CD and inclusion on next album with dedication in liner notes. First unit comes with free shipping.

2. Any Price(Even Free!) : “Little Miracles” My First Classical Improvisation Album released in 2018

3. Various Prices from $3 to $50 : Multiple items at my Zazzle Store Crayfish_Creations Merchandise

Descriptions and Photos Below For Previous and New Product Offerings:

1. “Crayfish Custom Classical Finger-Style Guitar Love Dedication Piece” Description:


Want to really surprise someone and make them absolutely know that you love them! Like the idea of Custom Music Love Song Dedications? Go classical!

Get this special Crayfish Love Dedication package now while it is at such a great price!

Just $499 and free shipping for one unit of a custom classically influenced fingerstyle guitar piece* love dedication package to celebrate someone in your life. For this low price (some people charge $7000-$10000 for just strummed love songs with less training and fewer years experience than I’ve had) I will take my many years of training, practice, and talent and use it to create a completely unique custom intricate finger-style guitar piece and make a professional sounding recording of the piece. The finished product of that individual track will also be included by itself on a personally signed copy of a CD as a 16bit WAV file with the dedication put on liner notes for that track on the CD’s Cover. WAV files or MP3’s can be sent to you through your email address as well.

You can even name the piece yourself!

Make the title the name of the special person you want to dedicate it to, or another title of your choosing**. The CD will be titled with the track’s name and will have my Crayfish Clan cover art on it. This piece will also then be included on my next classical guitar album with that title and a special dedication in the liner notes on the album when I release it publicly. Along with the Single’s CD, you will also get some really cool Crayfish Clan stickers to stick anywhere you want to remember where you got your special custom guitar piece dedication from. If you absolutely love the piece, then you can put those stickers somewhere where others will see it and maybe help lead someone else to the chance to have a custom dedication done for them or their loved one too!

I’ve been performing classical guitar and improvisation live most of my career and started doing finger-style improvisation in almost every performance since 2013 in hundreds of performances! So, I’m really good at coming up with new sounds and I really think you’ll like what you hear! This is a great way to celebrate the people in your life or to give a gift that keeps giving to someone you love. It’s a wonderful gift for any holiday, or even better, to show you are thinking of someone even when it is not “expected”. What a great surprise for them! They are not likely to ever forget you giving them this gift. A great way to deposit into the love bank to make up for a mistake or just to make someone think you are even more in love with them than they even thought!

Don’t let a spouse or loved one think you are no longer trying to court them. Make them think you want to be with them just as much as when you first met with this great gift! Or you can even get it just for yourself to celebrate you, a creation God made!


It’s like a Custom Music Love Song Dedication with class. Finger-style music for soothing and relaxing enjoyable sounds dedicated to your loved one!***

Have a great song title idea and you want it to be memorialized? Get this great package and make it official! Also, an added bonus is that you will know you are helping me to make better creations. Any purchase of my works or services greatly helps me produce more great music, poetry, and other Crayfish Creations to inspire and entertain people with a message of love, peace, and hope! It really makes it possible for my projects to come to fruition. Projects cost a lot of time and money (thousands of dollars during my career) to produce great work, and this is one of the ways I am crowdfunding my works of art. So, it is much appreciated!

Thank you all for all your support and I hope you will take advantage of this really fun offering. God Bless!

(* all copyrights are in David Michael Cray’s name and all rights are reserved. Rights to use this product do not include commercial distribution. To purchase commercial licenses or sync licenses to use in videos, etc., contact David at info@davidmichaelcray.com)

(** title must be approved by David Michael Cray and his wife: no cursing, defaming, sexual referencing, ugly stereotyping or derogatory wording in Titles will be approved in order to be able to protect my audience from things they don’t need to see. Regardless of whether you believe those things are o.k. or not, they are not necessary for good public communication so I will exclude them to avoid the risk of offending someone. An alternative title can be suggested if needed.)

(*** Order now as it takes about three months to record, mix, master, produce, and ship the product. Also, additional units can be ordered of the CD for an added shipping fee.)

Here is the link just click the link below:

 $499 : Crayfish Custom Classical Finger-Style Guitar Love Dedication Piece w/CD and inclusion on next album with dedication in liner notes. First unit comes with free shipping.

2. Special offer! My Album “Little Miracles” is now “pay what you want” (EVEN FREE!) on Bandcamp at the following link:


I hope you enjoy the music!

LITTLE MIRACLES is my first release of finger-style improvisation on classical guitar which came out November 30th, 2018.  It is a kind of new-age meets classical-style improvisational guitar music made up on the spot. These are 11 of 22 tracks that have come out of a five-year relationship with Moses Cone Behavioral Health Hospital through my work with The Mental Health Association of Greensboro (Be on the lookout for another album soon!). They are my first completely self-produced albums. During this time, I performed classical guitar pieces, hymns, Christmas carols (during the holidays), as well as improvised fingerstyle guitar pieces. I also had the privilege of telling my testimony of how God has guided me to better wellness through recovery tools and His healing and wisdom. I also let people in those groups know about the services M.H.A.G. offers. The whole experience was a very rewarding part of my work with people with mental health challenges. Music is a universal and healing language (Search: Healing frequencies regenerating DNA for more info on this). Everyone can relate to music even when they are not used to the style of music they are hearing (sometimes especially because of this). The skills and experience I gained from improvising in groups almost every week for 5 years made it possible to have two albums of improvisation that came out quite miraculously in my home studio. They were recordings done in one take each and only editing out (mostly extra space) to make it flow a little better. Much of the music sounded and felt almost like God already had them written and just poured them out through my hands. None of it was rearranged. Rather, they worked almost as though they were written pieces, which I never would have thought possible normally, but with God, this is not a normal life. It can be an extraordinary life full of “Little Miracles”. Although I don’t want to diminish the effort and hard work I’ve put into learning my craft, I admit it seems there was a bit of divine intervention that seemed to guide these particular tracks. It is a true honor for me to be able to share these with you and hopefully, they provide some healing vibrations as all of these tracks use a tuning system found in studies to be a catalyst for healing and regeneration even of DNA and of helping purify water. This healing is truly a gift provided by God and revealed within science. I hope it uplifts your spirit as well!


Here is the link again below:

Any Price(Even Free!) : “Little Miracles” My First Classical Improvisation Album released in 2018



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Various Prices from $3 to $50 : Multiple items at my Zazzle Store Crayfish_Creations Merchandise

Here is the link to the store again:



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Thank you for your support,

David Michael Cray                                                                      Classical Guitarist/Multi-instrumentalist /Author/Recording Engineer

Temples of the Spirit Productions

P.S. : If you would like to contribute to this work I do in a monetary way and help spread a message of peace, joy, love, and God’s healing power through music, you can pay whatever you want (even free!) for my album at the following link:



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Pascal’s Wager Expounded

Pascal’s Wager Expounded

By David Michael Cray
Pascal’s Wager Expounded: When knowledge is lacking, the enemy will do everything they can to make you worry about the risks of a certain choice. The enemy knows you can’t argue against your doubts without the knowledge God has for you. So they try to steal it from you with arguments that you may believe because you have a lack of knowledge of how God’s ideas are really true. With non-Biblical ideas, the enemy will give you every reason (real or imagined) why your facts are founded on nothing or falsehood. This is to try to take away the true knowledge by replacing it with lies. The enemy’s goal is to steal, kill, and destroy. Even with God’s Biblical knowledge, they will point out every reason God wouldn’t let life be this way. They use the truth to speak lies. The enemy will argue that suffering means that God can’t be real. They use your limited knowledge to make it so that you don’t know the enemy’s arguments are false.

The enemy knows you can’t argue against your doubts without the knowledge God has for you.

If he runs out of reasons, he will just try to get an anti-Christ, false prophet, or beast to persecute you to create a reason. Suffering is one of the hardest reasons to argue against. Plus, pain tempts us to not care about the truth. When the Bible proves that this pain means nothing, then the enemy will ridicule you. He will imply that you are stupid for believing something without having proof of its existence. He’ll imply that it is a stupid choice for having even more evidence for your doubts than against them. It is a compelling deception. The enemy does all this within your own thinking by suggesting ideas to you. They do not make it an obvious attack. They make you think it was your idea. The ideas are simply tests. God permits these tests to validate those that follow the truth. You can not be good without evil existing to compare it to. It is the choice to follow goodness through repentance and faith that can validate us when faced with evil.
Blaise Pascal (1623–1662) was a philosopher that believed that humans bet with their lives that God either exists or does not. Pascal’s Wager is a set of the only four possibilities available to anyone existing concerning faith The enemy has many clever arguments and tricks. But, none of the enemy’s arguments disprove Pascal’s Wager and its argument for faith. It is from these four choices that you must choose what you will do concerning following Jesus Christ and the Bible’s teachings about God.
But remember, faith is a gift. So it is not an argument to give you a reason to believe as much as it is an argument to give you a reason to ask God for faith and belief in Him. You could not prove yourself into believing as it would be fact not faith then. God will take care of getting you to believe if you ask Him. This is just a reason why you should ask as if He were there to answer, regardless of whether you believe yet. He would hear you anyway if He is there.
Pascal's Wager gives hope

Ask and you shall receive.

None of the enemy’s arguments disprove Pascal’s Wager’s argument for faith.

There are only these four choices. No other possibilities of choices exist. It is a compelling argument for why we should pray to God for help with our unbelief and for Him to give us faith. This is my explanation of Pascal’s wager and the benefits and risks of each possible choice you face about faith. The choices are:

  1. The Bible isn’t true and you never follow Jesus Christ.

  2. The Bible isn’t true and you do follow Jesus Christ.

  3. The Bible is true and you never follow Jesus Christ.

  4. The Bible is true and you do follow Jesus Christ.

Here is my explanation of what Pascal’s Wager means for you and me:

  1. If The Bible isn’t true and you never believe and follow Jesus Christ, then you gain nothing. There may be a few more sinners not persecuting you for following Jesus (which you could be protected from anyway if God chooses). But basically, you would have friends who were living in sin who would probably have conflicts with you regularly because of their sin. They would not know better than to be that way, but they would inevitably cause conflict because of their ignorance and sinful desires. Many of those types of people don’t want anyone to have freedom of thought or their own opinion (unless it is their own opinion). They tend to not have agape (selfless) love in them as it takes God’s Holy Spirit to enter into your heart to have this type of love.

    According to statistical history, you still would die eventually and get nothing as this choice presumes that there is no afterlife. This is rather presumptuous. Death may happen either way. You would be able to keep sinning while alive, but that would get old and boring as sin typically requires an increase in the sin. It is the same as with illegal drug addiction, where over time it takes more to achieve the same result. Eventually, it just stops working very well at all. That is why all the stories at anonymous groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Over-eaters Anonymous, etc. are so predictable and mostly sound almost the same. They are great stories as reminders of how common the problem really is. Addictions and sinful behavior create the same results.

    The gain from the pleasure of sin is typically removed by the problems of the conflicts involved in that lifestyle. These problems include relationship issues, fights, persecution, health problems, poverty, and a lack of fellowship with believers or with God.

    End result=Some loss, No gain.

  1. If The Bible isn’t true and you do follow Jesus (imaginary or otherwise) and follow the Bible’s teachings, then the sinners mentioned above will not like you because you challenge their ability to sin freely. But those people didn’t really respect or love you enough to let you have your opinion anyway. There was little hope that they would truly like you anyway because of their sinful views. They like their sin more than they like people. So sin would always come before you. There is no risk of hellfire and the lake of fire this way if eternal damnation is real and the Bible was true. You would still die in this case, but if this is the case then that would happen anyway. But, you get what you were gonna get anyway, no less.

    However, because you will be trying to avoid sin, people that are loving will like you more and respect you. This may help in any theoretical alternative afterlives if there were an afterlife. Them loving you will certainly help here in this part of life also. Relationships will be better and you would have fewer conflicts. Statistically, you would live a longer and healthier life being religious.

    End Result=No loss, likely some gain.

  1. If the Bible is true and you never follow Jesus Christ: This is the worst-case scenario. In this case, since all have fallen short of the glory of God according to the Bible you would be punished for your sin. The punishment for your sins would be that you would go to hell and would be sentenced to stay there forever. Hell is to be cast into the lake of fire. Ouch! The best-case of this scenario is that after who knows how long in hell and the lake of fire (maybe 1000 years) you are allowed to not be hardened to your choice. Presumably, you would then be able to become a new creation by following Jesus Christ. This presumes that free will is unchanging even after death. Also, that God not hardening you then would mean that hell would soften your heart to accepting Jesus. Fire may be compelling, but that is a lot to presume only to do the same thing in the end anyway because you still would have to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and receive His Holy Spirit into your heart.

    End result: You still die. Only now death is potentially permanent and spiritual while existing at the same time. You would feel unbelievable amounts of pain for a very long time in the long run. In the short run, you gain very little except to have continued doing sinful things that might have felt good temporarily before you died. However, these sins caused major problems statistically in history for the people who did them.You might never be repaid for your troubles. You would generally piss people off that are loving people and they won’t like you or trust you. They might even persecute you although they are not typically known to persecute as much as sinners do. All the problems of choice number one would happen and then eternal damnation. Ouch!

    “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” Rush (the progressive rock band)

    Choosing not to choose is choosing number 1 or number 3.

    End result of Number 3 or not choosing=Great loss either way to you, no gain.

  1. If The Bible is true and you choose to follow it and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and confess this with your mouth: You would be justified by God and given His righteousness (the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ) and His authority. The Bible says, “Those that curse you will be cursed and those that bless you will be blessed.”Genesis 12:3. According to God’s word, when God’s Holy Spirit enters your heart, you become better and stronger at avoiding hurtful behaviors towards those you should love as you confess to the Lord or to the priestly people that are Christians. It still requires the choice to do the right thing and walking out your faith, but your wisdom and strength to do that if you choose grows. Christians would celebrate you being a part of their family and love you with the love of the Lord.

    “Those that curse you will be cursed and those that bless you will be blessed.”Genesis 12:3

    You would be given Jesus Christ’s authority over all the power of the enemy and could do “all things through Christ who strengthens you.”(Philippians 4:13). You might die physically, but this form of death is just passing from this world to the next infinitely better world, potentially increasing in beauty and pleasure, etc. This gain can be as much as God wishes to make His glory happen in your life. God sent His favorite person, who He loved more than anything, down to earth to die for our sins in a most excruciating death for you in His only begotten son Jesus Christ. Jesus chose to accept this death Himself and God is one with Him. God would go to any lengths of suffering to get you to go to Heaven.

    So what would an infinite God that loves you enough to sacrifice His son want to make Heaven like for you? Amazing! Wonderful! Greater than we can imagine! This is what He says it is like in the Bible!

    “What would an infinite God that loves you enough to sacrifice His son want to make Heaven like for you?”

    He says in His Bible that He is omnipotent and omniscient (all-powerful and all-knowing), all-loving, and perfectly discerning of truth. Therefore, He has the power to make Heaven wonderful and knows how. So, please for your sake think about this carefully, but don’t take too long to decide, because when you die the choice has been made for you. Then it is too late and the choice of number one or three is made by default. That would not be good for you. I guess you could choose other than number four. Determine which is best. Hmmm.?
    The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1). The Bible says this, so we should find out how it is true. The risk of the other three choices are too great and if you choose number 4 then there is no risk in the end. The risks with this choice are only persecution from evil-hearted people, but they are evil-hearted. So evil-hearted people tend to do evil to people even if they are not their enemies. So that is not really an added risk. It is expected anyway or should be. Plus, God promises to make up for all of our suffering, 30, 60, or 100 fold times the equivalent pleasure of what we lost.

    Most importantly the End result in choosing number 4=Awesome gain!

    “The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1). The Bible says this, so we should find out how it is true.”

    Another problem is that some people abandon reasoning to try a risky way saying they can’t rely on reasoning. We may not understand everything about God. But, the God of the Bible is knowable. He promises fellowship and communion with Him. His scriptures say that if we ask for wisdom, He gives it freely. (reference James 1:5) People have sometimes used their confusion as an excuse to not follow reasoning. However, you can not successfully determine strategies for anything without reasoning. Your enemies would likely defeat you quickly since sound choices may seem reasonable to them and would work to help them win. This is true as even the devil uses cleverness and reasoning to try to defeat people.

    The Bible says the devil, Lucifer, was full of wisdom. He chose to abandon it and let greed decide His actions, but he still takes advantage of the knowledge he has to cause problems for people. Even if it seems possible to win some other way to you, the chances of losing by ignoring sound judgment are pretty high.

    Doubters also claim that they don’t see faith helping those that claim to have it more than those that don’t believe. But, the Bible says it may seem that way. That on Earth, the rain falls on the just and the unjust. The real rewards are in Heaven not on Earth where they can be stolen, rot, or become corrupt and less valuable. Some visible changes happen to believers though. These are things like: fellowship with God through His church, strength to do good, wisdom on how to interpret the Bible so that you can follow a safer path, and even prosperity financially is often a result of faith. God’s guidance can help in these areas and other areas of your life. Plus when we stand on the promises of the Bible, that is when they produce the most results! It has been computed that there are over 30,000 promises in the Bible.

    “The real rewards are in Heaven not on Earth where they can be stolen, rot, or become corrupt and less valuable.”

    Since you were intelligent enough to seek this far in this post you must have either chosen to follow Jesus or are considering it. You are a seeker of truth! That is admirable. One bonus to Christians is that followers of Jesus Christ earn much bigger multiples of eternal rewards from God for: giving tithes and offerings of their time, money, and talents, for suffering in Christ’s name, and for spreading God’s word (the Great Commission). God promises to give 30, 60, 100 fold above and beyond an increasing Heaven with His eternal rewards. (reference Mark 4:20)

    It is of my opinion, that if the reward is for leading someone to salvation by giving them God’s word, it may even be a reward of multiples of Heaven’s level of happiness. After all, that is the amount of gain it is producing for the person being saved.  Woah! Yippee!

    And just think: Would you do less or different than such a great reward and blessing for someone you loved like yourself if you were infinitely perfect and powerful as God? … Of course, you would do as great a blessing if you could. So it makes sense that God would too! The Bible says that we know how to give gifts to our children and we are born sinners, so how much more would a perfect God in Heaven give when He gives gifts to His children.

    I must repeat. The end result of choosing Number 4= No loss! Death is defeated and you get awesome gain!

    Based on Pascal’s wager the obvious choice is to ask God to help us to believe in Him and to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Receive His Holy Spirit into your heart today and keep working on getting rid of unbelief in His glory. He wants to help you with it. Decide now and pray for salvation from Him and it will make your new direction one of a magnificent future! I hope you will. I would love to celebrate your salvation with you someday in a perfect Heaven when I get there! Don’t bet your life on whether God exists. Faith is the safest way anyway, and the most profitable choice if the Bible is true. I expounded on Pascal’s Wager to try to help you make a more educated decision on whether to have faith. This is so that you could be saved. I want everyone who can to enjoy Heaven with God!
Be blessed!

With love,

David Michael Cray (Crayfish)

Christian Classical Guitarist/Husband/Dog lover/Poet/Multi-instrumentalist/Sound Engineer/Crayfish Enthusiast

Temples of the Spirit Productions

For Questions, Suggestions, or to book a performance please email me at:



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Featured Photo of dice by Rob Necciai on Unsplash

Photo of Jesus on a Cross by Christoph Schmid on Unsplash

Photo of Hope by Ron Smith on Unsplash

Album for any price! Healing Music and Vibrations

Healing Music and Vibrations

Healing Music and Vibrations


Healing music and Healing vibrations may be the best discovery in modern science when it comes to its potential for how it could work in the future.  Dr. Leo Horowitz (filmmaker with four best-selling books and 21 award-winning books) said that one day in the near future we might be walking into a booth at the mall, not unlike a photo booth, and will press a button. It will scan our bodies for vibrations of illness and infirmities. Then it will play countering vibrations that will literally heal us almost completely in a few minutes because of how finely tuned the sound healing will be. Sound might one day completely heal us in a matter of minutes. We are already starting to see some of sound’s healing potential being used today.

Sound might one day completely heal us in a matter of minutes.


Sound and healing vibrations are already being used in chiropractic care to literally realign the spine virtually on its own. They relax muscles. It is used for mental health with sound waves, binaural beats, music therapy, and biofeedback.  Music helps in achieving meditation states easier. It also helps with sleep, brain injuries, A.D.H.D and A.D.D., destroying cancer cells fast, healing of wounds with M.I.S.T. Technology, and growing healthier vegetables and plants with classical music. Sound can cancel out negative sounds like loud voices for a better atmosphere and so you can have music in the front seat of a car but not in the back seat without having a wall or window separating it (classical guitarist Manuel Barrueco once played in a commercial using this technology).


Healing music and Healing vibrations may be the best discovery in modern science


It can be used for brain-wave balancing between hemispheres in the brain, digital imaging of the inside of our bodies, regenerating DNA, even controlled levitation of drops of water has been accomplished with sound waves in science.  Levitation may soon even be possible for humans or automobiles as well because of sound technology.


We are already starting to see some of sound’s potential being used today.


In history, many cultures believed music to be the most important of all the potential technologies developed by their society. This is partially because many believed in the effects of healing music and vibrations. It is also one of the things that scientists found in studies to be the most important tool used for mental health and satisfaction in life out of everything else.  Nothing works better than music to get us feeling better consistently according to studies.  You probably have experienced some of the benefits of music and sound yourself.  We all knew it was fun to listen to music. But, now we know there is a science behind all of that too.  God works in mysterious ways!


God works in mysterious ways!


Also, remember that everything is essentially vibration and each vibration affects the vibrations near it that it contacts. Even we are vibrations. Therefore, sound, which is also vibration, is not surprisingly able to improve the vibrations it contacts. We even naturally perceive it as being beautiful so it really makes sense that it would help!


We all knew it was fun to listen to music. But, now we know there is a science behind all of that too.


I performed my recently released album “Little Miracles” using a tuning system that is known for enhancing the healing effect of music. It even regenerates DNA and causes other benefits like getting our brains into relaxed meditative states. This is great for focusing while studying or for things like sleep and relaxation.

Here is the link to my album:



Not surprisingly, animals often like this tuning system and sometimes react very excitedly to music tuned to this tuning system. They are much more in tune with healing music and vibrations in nature than humans are normally. Animals love music! Even though I heard about animals reacting to this tuning system, I was shocked when three birds came to my window and sang while I played music the first time I tuned my guitar to this tuning system! Also, my dog used to avoid coming into my studio until I started using it. Now she comes and sits with me every time I use this tuning and her ears perk up whenever I play 528hz(a frequency known for its healing qualities).


Animals love music!


Don’t forget that God provides healing oftentimes through the science of nature just as it says about Him in the Bible that He is the same as He has always been and always will be. He is a healer. Below is a picture of me and my dog Delilah. She is a sweetheart!

My dog and I on a walk.


I was shocked when three birds came to my window and sang while I played music the first time I tuned my guitar to this tuning system!


I think you would enjoy my album “Little Miracles”! Plus, now it is available for any price (Even Free!) So check it out on my Bandcamp page. While your there, check out the link to my Zazzle store and see if you can find some merchandise you like from my Crayfish Clan collection. There are t-shirts, mugs, totes, stickers, bumper stickers, etc. All of it supports my ministry/business and I also give 20% of proceeds to charities. Get some healing music and vibrations into your life!

Here is the link to my album again:



I hope you have a great day with many healing sounds in it! Studies have even shown that music can help with improving immunity from illness so this is a great time to benefit from some healing music, especially with the potential risk of Covid-19 and other illnesses existing! Stay healthy and keep seeking the great tools and healing methods that God has provided!

There is more samples of me playing music at:



I will continue to pray for your health and for all God’s children to be healthy, and I will keep trying to produce healing music for you! I’m releasing my next album soon. I recorded it at the same time as “Little Miracles”. It is the sequel to “Little Miracles”. Be on the lookout for it and keep checking back here for more releases and tips on wellness. Remember we are all in this together and we can make this world a better place with our actions, words, and our prayers! God is waiting for us to align our vibration with His blessings! Get in His rays of vibration blessings today!


David Michael Cray (Crayfish)

Christian Classical Guitarist/Poet/Multi-Instrumentalist/Sound Engineer/Crayfish Enthusiast

Temples of the Spirit Productions

For Questions or Comments or Booking Performances Email: info@davidmichaelcray.com

Discovering Buried Seeds for Creative Development

“Buried Seeds: Creative Rediscovery”

Buried Seeds



Have you ever worked hard on something for a long time, and then didn’t even realize you had accomplished what you had actually accomplished? I have been thinking a lot about creative development and rediscovery of the seeds we’ve planted. Working on things that we will finish days, weeks, months, or even years later is like burying seeds in the soil and then watering it and giving it light. In every great work, the roots are grown first before the sprout. Even as the sprout comes out of the earth into the direct light, the roots are growing far more than the sprout is. We don’t see what our work is doing until later, and it doesn’t become a tree until the roots are established and are strong enough to hold up the tree.

In every great work, the roots are grown first before the sprout.


I had a great example of this creative development and rediscovery recently with some of the work I was doing for my music business/ministry. I had been feeling like I needed to write some posts to release through my blog for a while now and I felt that I was a long way off from accomplishing being ready to send out anything. I had been writing but had not been keeping track of much of what I had been writing. Much of it was just notes on music, business, health, and other stuff so I had assumed that I had nothing to share that was written and finished, and that I would have to write more to get it ready. But I decided to go back and organize my notebooks to see what I had and get them typed up to have a digital copy of my notes.

I tend to have a little bit of selective memory as it is, but especially when there are things that have to do with the value I have or that I am trying to give to the world. A bit of the common impostor syndrome I guess. I believe, help my unbelief. Ha! Ha! But I was a little surprised by how selective I had been in this case.

First, I did not know that I had literally 20 notebooks full of notes sitting around my house even after having gone through some and throwing some out a few years ago. So that was weird enough. But I was also surprised to find that much of my notes were things I had written that seemed like they would be really helpful ideas that could make a real difference in people’s lives if they applied the ideas in them. These things were a lot of the essential tips that I had learned that had made a huge difference in my life when I learned to apply them to my own life. As I went through the notes I thought more and more, “How did I not know I had done this?”

It had been under the soil of my selective memory.


After a couple of weeks of going through notebooks and tearing out pages and organizing them into binders, it turns out that I had: over 200 inspirational quotes with comments I had written about them that I had collected which had drastically helped change my perspective on life. I had been using them in support groups when I worked as a mental health support specialist. I had also found over 20 finished articles, 10 lists of ideas for writings that I had collected and had added to, other hobby lists, and around one hundred questions I made up that I had used in support groups. I had hundreds of pages of notes on the music business and many other writings that could potentially be used for posts to help people. After organizing (it took three days), I began typing. I now have fifteen articles typed up already just needing final touch editing. You never know what is under the soil until it sprouts or you do a little digging.

You never know what is under the soil until it sprouts or you do a little digging.


I was swamped in good material and didn’t even know it. It was all under the soil. I only had a vague idea that there could be a little there. What a surprise!

What have you buried?


What have you buried? Where are your seeds? You probably have buried something, maybe a ton of stuff. If you have been watering your own spirit and giving it light, then the potential for your seeds probably has been growing. But have you weeded? Given fertilizer? Without clearing away the other stuff and maybe replanting a little you will not know what is growing and it will not have as much chance of growing the way you want it to. Get your seed into the best light for it.

Get your seed into the best light for it.


But remember, it is more than you see. It is also, what is growing inside you and inside those that you have touched. Those Heart-Contacts will eventually get stronger roots and will sprout and grow into a great tree if you stick with it. Matthew 13:31-32 says, “He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”

Those Heart-Contacts will eventually get stronger


Keep watering, weeding, fertilizing, and getting your work into the light. Then you will know better what to plant next and what you already have plenty of growing. Gardening is more than just planting seeds. Life is the same. Rediscovery and creative development of our work is vital in making progress.

Rediscovery and creative development of our work is vital in making progress.


As I am finishing editing this it is 8 months into a pandemic which has been hard but has given me many ways to review and analyze my life and my goals. I am excited about the new possibilities which I would not have seen had I not been forced into this time of reflection through a lot of my music gigs drying up.

I was not very prepared for this difficulty, or for the stress of disease lurking around every corner. But, I believe our attitude in relation to any struggle can make it a much greater or much lesser struggle depending on how we think about it. This reflection has given me new hope even amidst great difficulty. I want to encourage everyone to reflect with a hopeful attitude and see what new possibilities they can find. I think it is in Japan that the word for crisis and the word for opportunity are the same words.

I believe our attitude in relation to any struggle can make it a much greater or much lesser struggle depending on how we think about it.


Keep working on creative development and rediscovery and thanks for reflecting on this with me. I appreciate your interest in my work and hope it has been helpful to you. If you would like to listen to something new to you there are a few of my previously buried seeds that have sprouted into an album called “Little Miracles” of classical guitar improvisation. It is available for any price (even free) at my Bandcamp store at the link below. I hope you love it! And I hope your garden grows to be more fruitful than you ever imagined!

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Many Blessings to you!

David Michael Cray (Crayfish)

Classical Guitarist/Poet/Sound Engineer/Multi-instrumentalist/Devoted Husband/Dog lover/Crayfish Enthusiast

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“I Believe. Help my unbelief.”

“I Believe. Help my unbelief.”

by David Michael Cray

        It is not your task to believe. Rather, it will be your pleasure. But first is the choice: the stepping back across the line of sin and offense. Almost like time reversing and every action being painted into something new. A coat of glory on the skin tone. Wings painted on to our stained soul’s ugliness. A few lines here and there until all we see eventually is the glory of God’s higher purpose for everything that happened. The deeper reasons for a wrinkle on our face smoothed out with the make-up of Jesus’ blood, shed on the cross. A strange thing to use to make a thing be seen in a different and better way. But could we follow a Jesus that was less than willing as He? Could we know His love even after salvation without the life He lived being told to us? Could we ever put our trust in Him, let alone later actually feel trusting of Him? It is one thing to follow because of a mustard seed, but to truly be sure is another thing altogether.

“Simply choose to follow His Guidance and ask for His Help!”

It is not your task to trust Him, but rather to simply choose to follow His guidance and ask for His help: to put your trust in Him. Trusting is truly bigger than we can accomplish on our own. It is not even your task to follow from a selfless motivation. Selfish reasons will suffice at first and in the long run, there are plenty of them. Avoiding the consequence of sin for our self is understandable and even intellectually sound, even if punishment is merely a possible risk. The risk of hell is too big to be worth avoiding receiving a free gift, plus there are the other consequences of relationships ruined that we risk as well. That gift of salvation will not just save each of us that receives it, but will likely make us drastically better people inside and out in our understanding, our actions, and even our interior actions. Thoughts count too. Love is a verb.

“Love is a verb.”

        Follow selfishly, but completely and God will change the selfish part in you to selfless. Come as you are though. The change happens not from rules and regulations, but from a relationship, not from words in a book but from finding out how the meaning of those words represent God and speak of how He relates to us. We can not prove His truth but those that choose to follow Him do experience it, in undeniable ways. I have experienced it and there is too much to say to explain it and the change it has made in me. The things it has healed. I have wounds still, but they are different kinds of wounds. I may still get problems or persecution, but they are not signs of my weakness as much anymore. They are instead reasons to believe I am strong in Christ. They have become badges of honor if they remain and signs of God’s grace if they are removed. I may even have as many problems or more than before at times, but they are no longer in relation to my fellowship with God and His church. This is not because of me or how perfectly I act or feel: my initial instinctual judgment or interpretation of what I see and who I meet have not changed that drastically. But my awareness of those things being feelings that I don’t have to embrace, believe, or follow is much keener than it used to be. The knowledge that God loves me is often in spite of the silly assumptions my body or mind makes: feelings that pretty=good and nice, or that ugly is related to a flaw about someone else (when often it could be about a reaction to me or someone else or just a feeling or belief about an unpleasant hamburger they just ate. Ha! Ha!)
        Putting my trust in Jesus has not made me perfect in what I do (at least not to the level I would hope for). I still don’t exude pure light. Some might not even notice it that much for all I know. But it has drastically helped me to improve and more importantly has shown me that I am worthy of love even when I can’t figure out how to improve. I did not completely believe in Jesus when I chose to follow Him at first. There are even still times when I’m about 10% believing and 90% feeling that there is little chance life could work this way if the Bible were true. But, those are just feelings and I always 100% believe that it would be a good truth if it was true and that for God to make that truth make so many good things happen in my life related to my salvation is a good sign that whatever made this universe thinks that it is a good truth too. I don’t know if this post will help, but I thought about the whole doubt thing and how it is misunderstood a lot. Even the language of believing vs. following is confused as the word for “believe” in the original text of the Bible doesn’t have a perfect translatable word that fully encompasses its meaning in English. It makes it seem like if you don’t feel faith then you are not faithful, which is a lie.

“It makes it seem like if you don’t feel faith then you are not faithful, which is a lie.”

        The Bible says we are all given a measure of faith. In Mark 9:24 a Roman centurion asked Jesus to help him with his unbelief and Jesus answered his prayer to heal someone even though he had unbelief. I think everyone has a bit of unbelief too, as God is infinite so the potential for growth is as well. One thing I will say about faith is that with enough of it you can have almost any type of problem and still feel like you are blessed, and without it, you can have almost no actual problems and still feel miserable because of imagined ones. As irrational as this seems, it is rare that you meet someone that truly believes it would be irrational for them to be blessed. Faith can be a little like a catch-all blessing. Even if all else fails faith can work still, and if everything is working well faith can make it better. I can see why someone would say they admire people’s faith, but I also admire someone being able to admit their doubts. It is the only way to get to more real faith.

“One thing I will say about faith is that with enough of it you can have almost any type of problem and still feel like you are blessed, and without it, you can have almost no actual problems and still feel miserable because of imagined ones.”

        I think some people follow God and they don’t even know that is what they are following, as His Law is “written on everyone’s hearts”. I think that is why we don’t usually think our life is over and that we are doomed when we have sinned. Our heart tells us that there was a solution to that and that a loving God would make a way for us to be blessed. We don’t understand how yet, but we feel it. We have a soul, but we tend to think in relation to our spirit. We are aware of our spirit’s goodness even when we make mistakes and know we should still be loved. But to manifest that love we have to think in relation to our soul, not just our spirit. We often feel God in our own love for ourselves and for others, far more than we do in anyone else’s love for us. It is the same love that is in many others for us, we are just separated from awareness of its realization sometimes.

“God is love.”

        Sometimes it is easier for me to forget that God is embodying the Bible’s principles and just remember to keep it simple. God is love. The Bible is just a way God uses people to try to put Him into words. It helps once you are keeping the “God is Love” part in mind with every sentence you read. Otherwise, it is like trying to read a contract you think you might need to sign and are afraid you are about to sign millions of dollars away, knowing if you don’t sign it you get nothing! Not a great feeling to have. Not a problem when there are better contracts, but when there are none or you don’t know if there are any? It’s pretty scary. So I think people think it is dangerous or something because they think it will discount some future opportunity they think they will enjoy more (especially related to what the Bible calls sin as it says we love our sin which is why we turn away from Him). Statistically, those things don’t bring more pleasure than they do problems long term, so even without the afterlife, it might be a better way. But, I still think this misses the essential basic point God is making, that He wants us to know we are loved by Him.
         One thing I like about the Roman Catholic Catechism is that the #1 statement in it says that the purpose of life is to come to know God. I used to hate this because I thought, “How?” with this many problems? Now I realize that I am coming to realize the concept of God even if I am not seeing the manifestation outwardly. I am seeing how He is working more instead of just how He isn’t. Actually, there are things that I’ve found that would be impossible concepts and events to be happening if He didn’t exist. In fact, it happens so much so that my confidence in Him starts to even manifest certain things outwardly. It is a little like the concept often thought of as the law of attraction. When we believe we will see, instead of when we see we will believe. I think this principle may be a little more complicated than just getting what you believe for, but the Bible does tell us to believe we have received what we pray for and it will begin to manifest. It may take a long time and many tries to fully manifest, but the wheels of the universe and God’s angels starting turning when we believe. Then although it may be ten thousand tries later, we have a light bulb moment that changes everything just like Thomas Edison had to manifest an actual light bulb.

“God’s Law is Written on our Hearts.”

           I see now that it is the ability to discern what the Scriptures teach me that is very valuable in avoiding problems and deception. The change in this was like a light bulb coming on at my moment of justification by accepting Jesus into my heart. It is encouraging that the purpose set out by God was not for us to act perfectly or something practically impossible (to be pure light or something). If God’s law or covenant is “written on our hearts” as the Bible says, then how we would love if we did it right is how God would love and through us, it would manifest the worldly darkness folding up into nothing. We might not get the details too clearly at first of how to do this, but seeking God is a way to know His love and our purpose in life and to have a lot of direction in how to love and how to interpret what the Bible says. This gets us from bad interpretations of things to more loving interpretations that eventually make more sense overall.
             Even though I wrote these words because I care about everyone, I am always aware that the heart often speaks better without words than it does with them. Someone who loves others is likely to understand the Bible’s point better than many who read it all the time, but they read it without love. A Chinese proverb says, “To a wise man, reading a sacred text is like digging a well when there is clean water everywhere.” This is true. The trick is discerning what is the water that is drinkable, and then drinking enough of that water to not just survive, but thrive. Drink Jesus’ living water and his blessings will flow through you and to you forever.

David Michael Cray

Christian/Devoted Husband/Classical Guitarist/Author/Sound Engineer/Multi-instrumentalist/Dog Lover/Crayfish Enthusiast

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It Takes a Village and a Child

Here is one of my poems called:


It Takes a Village and a Child


They say it takes a village to properly raise a child.
But it also takes a child to properly raise a village.
To reach one’s fullest potential,
fatherhood or motherhood is absolutely essential.
Not in legal paper and ink,
nor even biologically having a link.
But, rather in our heart is where it must start.
To fully have compassion for the helpless that we know,
in our hearts, we must be parents to God’s creation
and help them grow.
We must be parents to the world to learn selfless love,
by loving as though they are an extension thereof.
We need you to be our father or mother
and you need us to be your child,
just as you need us to be your parental sister or brother
while we need you as our child all the while.
So, every Mother’s Day and Father’s Day let us celebrate with love
those parents and children that help us rise above.
For we must make each other be
the catalyst for the potential we all could see.

David Michael Cray

This poem is based around an old Native American Indian saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. The poem was written the day after Mother’s Day 2020 before being given revelation and a sign even with a non-vocal voice saying that it was fitting for it to be written on this day as we should all be pursuing after being parents to each other, thus conforming to Jesus’ image as a Father to all people who will receive that love. God even kept me from sleeping that night to make it naturally easier to write, edit, type, and post the poem with notes all on the appropriate day (After Mother’s day). He could have just worked a miracle, but why when He can make it natural as opposed to unnatural which I’ve come to learn to appreciate very much over the years. This also happened to be the day I finished my third time reading and listening through the whole Bible(Father’s day is also an appropriate day, but the message was not primarily for me except as a confirmation as I have already learned that it is true although my following it is up to God alone to judge not me). That also seemed to make this day fit properly as I believe learning from the Bible is the best way to fulfill God’s expectations and purpose for us which he recommended us to obey in order be a father, mother, brother, or sister to Jesus Himself. As He says in Mark 3:35 “Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”

It is through seeking His kingdom that He says that we are blessed. Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”.
In this troubling time we are in, seeking God’s word and His blessing is of utmost importance. This is true especially because God says in Malachi 4-6 “Remember the law of my servant Moses, the decrees and laws I gave him at Horeb for all Israel. 5 ‘See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. 6 He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”

And in Malachi 3:8-9 “Will a man rob God? Yet you are robbing Me! But you ask, ‘How do we rob You?’ In tithes and offerings. 9You are cursed with a curse, yet you— the whole nation— are still robbing Me.” The blood of Christ can cleanse us from these sins, but we may still get chastised if we continue in them even as Christians. Hebrews 12:6 “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.”

I don’t wish to say that Covid-19 is a curse from God.

God is love, He does not curse, technically.


But, He does sometimes chastise us to teach us and if a Christian is “dead to sin” from being saved and yet is practicing sin then they will feel that as though it is uncomfortable from God’s chastisement. These days it seems from what we see that many don’t heed this word of God in reading the scriptures regularly, maybe even some Christians and very few Christians even seem to know the scriptures by heart enough to be able to remember them without reading them (so we need to read them or be reminded of them through teachings). I also admit that I have not always been diligent at this. The problem with this is not a supernatural curse it is the natural lack of the blessings that come from following God’s word. These can be immense blessings that we don’t want to miss out on.

The lack of the return of the tithe to God’s church is another thing that scripture warns of a “curse” on the land from that mistake. Whether you believe that a curse or chastisement is happening or not right now, one thing is clear from what the Bible teaches.

1.studying the scriptures and

2.giving to God’s church so that it can provide food, clothing, shelter, good teachings and other help for the poor and the needy

are two things that help a great many people.

This does too much good in the world for there to be any reason to let such a risk that comes from not doing those things to keep happening. Simply to avoid the risk of a curse, be sure to give tithes and offerings to the church and study the scriptures. But the real point is that far more good will come of those things than just avoiding a curse. In fact, in comparison the lack of natural benefits from these things would be considered a curse even without any attacks on the lands, or on the harvest, etc.

So it is not really God cursing when we don’t do these things, but us cursing ourselves and each other. And here is why we can know there can be great blessings for obeying God. God even says to test Him with the tithe (which is unusual as we are not normally supposed to test God). And He says in Malachi 3:10-11″Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house. Test Me in this,’ says the LORD of Hosts. ‘See if I will not open the floodgates of heaven and pour out for you blessing without measure. I will rebuke the devourer for you, so that it will not destroy the fruits of your land, and the vine in your field will not fail to produce fruit,’ says the LORD of Hosts.”

This is a pretty huge bonus reason for doing this!

So, like Christians like to say, “Taste and See!” Try it and enjoy the many benefits that come from these things.


Peace and joy are in Jesus Christ,

David Michael Cray

Classical Guitarist/Author/Speaker

Temples of the Spirit Productions



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Not a Hair on your Head will be harmed has been removed.

Due to too many misinterpretations of what I wrote and also people who agreed with it saying that there would be too many misinterpretations or that many people simply aren’t looking for any solutions that don’t involve getting rid of the virus directly, I have removed the post “Not a Hair On Your Head Will Be Harmed” in order to not have so many problems with having to respond to negative comments from people who are barely paying attention to what they read. Just to clarify, I was not saying that faith removed all problems or that not having faith always was the cause of problems or that anyone is avoiding being affected because of faith.  That would be impossible with a pandemic. We all are affected even if we aren’t infected. I just wanted people to keep standing on the promises of God so that things can work out better for them in the long run, even if it is only from rewards for having followed God through it all.  Sorry if you were led here hoping to read it. I hope you’ll check out the other things I have on my site and maybe get some free music from my Crayfish Clan email list.  I apologize for wasting your time. Love to all and my prayers are with you!



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