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Above are some recordings from classical guitar recitals I have given.  I hope you enjoy listening to them!

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Look at what people have been saying about my music!


“David was the best performer we’ve had at this venue and it was the perfect atmosphere for the dining situation. I loved the music and had a lot of fun hearing the Christmas music on solo guitar.”
Bill A.


“So cool you’re doing healing work with sound! It is the next frontier for true healing!
I listened to your tracks. Very nice playing! Love the classical.
Continue to do the work with the music!”
Mark R. (Sound Healing Guitarist and Life Coach)


“I thoroughly enjoyed the music and it was the perfect atmosphere and fit in nicely with the dinner.”
Bruce M.


“We had such a nice evening at the event and enjoyed the music so much. It add to the festivities and we just thank you so much!”
Carol L.


“His music is so beautiful, and he is so talented.”
Cindy A.


“Wow! So beautiful! And I love the background story of how the songs came about.”
Fiquet B.


“Beautiful music!”
Leilani P.


Love it!
Melisa M.


I hope you enjoy the relaxing music!

A little about “Little Miracles”


This is my first release of finger-style improvisation on classical guitar.  It is kind of new-age meets classical-style guitar music made up on the spot.  These are 11 of 22 tracks that have come out of a five-year relationship with Moses Cone Behavioral Health Hospital through my work with The Mental Health Association of Greensboro (Be on the lookout for another album soon!).  They are my first completely self-produced albums.  During this time, I performed classical guitar pieces, hymns, Christmas carols (during the holidays), as well as improvised finger-style guitar pieces.  I also had the privilege of telling my testimony of how God has guided me to better wellness through recovery tools and His healing and wisdom.  I also let people in those groups know about the services M.H.A.G. offers.  The whole experience was a very rewarding part of my work with people with mental health challenges.  I saw many little miracles as people I met in groups I played in improved in their mental health and many continued to progress through attending other groups at M.H.A.G.  Music is a universal and healing language (Search: Healing frequencies regenerating DNA for more info on this).  Everyone can relate to music even when they are not used to the style of music they are hearing (sometimes especially because of this).  The skills and experience I gained from improvising in groups almost every week for 5 years made it possible to have two albums of improvisation that came out most miraculously in my home studio.  They were recordings done in one take each and only editing out (mostly extra space) to make it flow a little better.  Much of the music sounded and felt almost like God already had them written and just poured them out through my hands.  None of it was rearranged.  Rather, they worked almost as though they were written pieces, which I never would have thought possible normally, but with God, this is not a normal life.  It can be an extraordinary life full of “Little Miracles”.  Although I don’t want to diminish the effort and hard work I’ve put into learning my craft, I admit it seems there was a bit of divine intervention that seemed to guide these particular tracks.  It is a true honor for me to be able to share these with you and hopefully, they will provide some healing vibrations as all of these tracks use a tuning system found in studies to be a catalyst for healing and regeneration even of DNA and of helping purify water.  This system combined with the prayerful intention of the performance can truly bring miraculous effect on our health through God’s power moving through the music.  This healing is truly a gift provided by God and revealed within science.  I hope it uplifts your spirit as well!


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I am also available now for in-person and streaming performances as things are starting to open up again and my wife and I are fully vaccinated and still will be taking precautions to protect our clients. Contact me at info@davidmichaelcray.com to book anytime. I am booking out the whole year and beyond.

The Second Album Release of my album “Dying to Live” is something I am aiming to release soon.  “Dying to Live” is the second part of a collection of improvisational finger-style guitar pieces I recorded in my studio.  It is the sequel to “Little Miracles”.  Be on the lookout for that next year.  Sign up in the form above for reminders of both albums and free tracks from both of them.  I used a tuning system known for regenerating human DNA and for purifying water.  Wow! Right?.  I had a lot of fun recording them and I hope you will check them out and that they bring you much satisfaction and maybe even a little healing.  These pieces seem to me to have been truly inspired by the Holy Spirit and I hope they bring you peace and maybe a little variety to your musical selections!

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Header photo of Beach and Sea Oats (2018 Emerald Isle) is by Dianne Dailey Cray (my wife).

Page Photo of “Stained-Glass-563669” is by Ehrendreich and is a Public Domain Photo.

Album Cover photo for “Little Miracles” is by Heather Van Looy (2018) edited for cover by myself (David Michael Cray).

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