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Check out these product offerings by clicking on the links of each offering. For more information about each offering either follow the link or visit my Store page for photos, links and descriptions of all of them:

1. $499 : Crayfish Custom Classical Finger-Style Guitar Love Dedication Piece w/CD and inclusion on next album with dedication in liner notes. First unit comes with free shipping.


2. Any Price(Even Free!) :”Little Miracles” My First Classical Improvisation Album released in 2018

3. Various Prices from $3 to $50: Multiple items at my Zazzle Store Crayfish_Creations Merchandise


I am also available now for in-person and streaming performances as things are starting to open up again and my wife and I are fully vaccinated and still will be taking precautions to protect our clients. Contact me at info@davidmichaelcray.com to book anytime. I am booking out the whole year and beyond.

Little Miracles is now available for any price (EVEN FREE!) on my bandcamp page. Here is the actual link:



Also, If you would like to contribute to this work I do in a monetary way and help spread a message of peace, joy, love and God’s healing power through music, you can pick up some neat products at my Crayfish Creations Store on Zazzle.com . Here is the actual link:




or you can give through paypal.me at the following link:




Header Photo of Beach and Sea Oats (2018 Emerald Isle, N.C.) is by Dianne Dailey Cray (my wife).

Page Photo of Delilah Headed To Beach (2017 Kill Devil Hills, N.C.) is also by Dianne Dailey Cray.