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My name is David Michael Cray and I am a N.C.-based classical guitarist, a multi-instrumentalist, an award-winning poet, and a recording engineer. I am also a devoted husband and a Christian.
my family is filled to the brim with talent too, with around 16 professional-level musicians, photographers, painters, writers, and talented decorators in my extended family.
my nickname is Crayfish.
On my sites, you can find albums, books, Merchandise and other projects I have worked on as well as performances and events that I am involved with throughout the year. I also have a blog and on social media. I post wellness tools and inspirational quotes I have learned in my studies of mental, physical, and spiritual health as a Christian and mental health professional.
We are all under one Heavenly Father (He’s probably a lot less pinchy of a CrawDad type than most of us Crayfish.  Ha! Ha!) So you are welcome as a member of the Crayfish Clan!


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5. more information on myself and other Crayfish clan members when we do interesting things;
6. tips for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being;
7. notices of events I am participating in.

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I have one full-length album that came out on November 30th,2018 called

“Little Miracles”.

It is available for any price at :


Hurry, because I don’t know how long that promotion will be going on!




Also, Check me out at my Youtube channel. I had Almost 20 musical releases on my Youtube channel in 2021.
Here is the link:


and there is more coming soon!


So make sure you pinch those free tracks by signing up below! Also, look around this site for more cool stuff about me and the Crayfish Clan Community!
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Check out these other offerings.

Click on the links of each offering For more information about each offering or visit my Store page for photos, links, and descriptions of all of them:


1. $499 : Crayfish Custom Classical Finger-Style Guitar Love Dedication Piece w/CD and inclusion on next album with dedication in liner notes. First unit comes with free shipping.


2. Any Price(Even Free!) :”Little Miracles” My First Classical Improvisation Album released in 2018


3. Various Prices from $3 to $50: Multiple items at my Zazzle Store Crayfish_Creations Merchandise



I am also available now for in-person and streaming performances as things are starting to open up again and my wife and I are fully vaccinated and still will be taking precautions to protect our clients.
Contact me at:
to book anytime.
I am booking out the whole year and beyond.



Below is the actual link to the Crayfish_Creations Zazzle Store:


Have Fun With All That Great Crayfish Clan stuff!


You can read more about my debut album “Little Miracles” and hear other samples of my performances on my Music page.


Get Free Music, Poetry, and Wellness Tips with the Crayfish Clan Newsletter

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Page Photo of Me with Guitar (2018 Emerald Isle, N.C.) is by Heather Van Looy (my cousin).
Post Photo of Me In a Suit (2012 Wedding) is by Heather Van Looy (my cousin)