I’ll be offering more things through my Bandcamp store soon! But for now, here are the three main offerings with descriptions linked below and on my Bandcamp site for more Crayfish  offerings merchandise:

1. $499 : Crayfish Custom Classical Finger-Style Guitar Love Dedication Piece w/CD and inclusion on next album with dedication in liner notes. First unit comes with free shipping.


2. Any Price(Even Free!) :”Little Miracles” My First Classical Improvisation Album released in 2018

3. Various Prices from $3 to $50: Multiple items at my Zazzle Store Crayfish_Creations Merchandise


Descriptions Below for Offerings:

1. “Crayfish Custom Classical Finger-Style Guitar Love Dedication Piece” Description:

Want to really surprise someone and make them absolutely know that you love them! Get this special Crayfish Love Dedication package now while it is at such a great price!

Just $499 and free shipping for one unit of a custom classically influenced finger-style guitar piece* love dedication package to celebrate someone in your life. For this low price (some people charge $7000-$10000 for just strummed love songs with less training and less years experience than I’ve had) I will take my many years of training, practice, and talent and use it to create a completely unique custom intricate finger-style guitar piece and make a professional sounding recording of the piece. The finished product of that individual track will also be included by itself on a personally signed copy of a CD as a 16bit WAV file with the dedication put on liner notes for that track on the CD’s Cover.

You can even name the piece!

Make the title the name of the special person you want to dedicate it to, or another title of your choosing**. The CD will be titled with the track’s name and will have my Crayfish Clan cover art on it. This piece will also then be included on my next classical guitar album with that title and a special dedication in the liner notes on the album when I release it publicly. Along with the Single’s CD you will also get some really cool Crayfish Clan stickers to stick anywhere you want to remember where you got your special custom guitar piece dedication from. If you absolutely love the piece, then you can put those stickers somewhere where others will see it and maybe help lead someone else to getting the chance to have a custom dedication done for them or their loved one too!

I’ve been performing classical guitar and improvisation live most of my career and started doing finger-style improvisation in almost every performance since 2013 in hundreds of performances! So, I’m really good at coming up with new sounds and I really think you’ll like what you hear! This is a great way to celebrate the people in your life or to give a gift that keeps giving to someone you love. It’s a wonderful gift for any holiday, or even better, to show you are thinking of someone even when it is not “expected”. What a great surprise for them! They are not likely to ever forget you giving them this gift. A great way to deposit into the love bank to make up for a mistake or just to make someone think you are even more in love with them than they even thought!

Don’t let a spouse or loved one think you are no longer trying to courting them. Make them think you want to be with them just as much as when you first met with this great gift! Or you can even get it just for yourself to celebrate you, a creation God made!

Have a great song title idea and you want it to be memorialized? Get this great package and make it official! Also, an added bonus is that you will know you are helping me to make better creations. Any purchase of my works or services greatly helps me produce more great music, poetry, and other Crayfish Creations to inspire and entertain people with a message of love, peace, and hope! It really makes it possible for my projects to come into fruition. Projects cost a lot of time and money (thousands of dollars during my career) to produce great work, and this is one of the ways I am crowdfunding my works of art. So, it is much appreciated! Thank you all for all your support and I hope you will take advantage of this really fun offering. God Bless!

(* all copyrights are in David Michael Cray’s name and all rights are reserved. Rights to use this product do not include commercial distribution. To purchase commercial licenses or sync licenses to use in videos, etc., contact David at info@davidmichaelcray.com)

(** title must be approved. An alternative title can be suggested if needed.)

2. Special offer! My Album “Little Miracles” is now pay what you want (EVEN FREE!) on Bandcamp at the following link:


I hope you enjoy the music!

LITTLE MIRACLES is my first release of finger-style improvisation on classical guitar which came out November 30th, 2018.  It is kind of new-age  meets classical-style improvisational guitar music made up on the spot. These are 11 of 22 tracks that have come out of a five-year relationship with Moses Cone Behavioral Health Hospital through my work with The Mental Health Association of Greensboro (Be on the lookout for another album soon!). They are my first completely self-produced albums. During this time, I performed classical guitar pieces, hymns, Christmas carols (during the holidays), as well as improvised finger-style guitar pieces. I also had the privilege of telling my testimony of how God has guided me to better wellness through recovery tools and His healing and wisdom. I also let people in those groups know about the services M.H.A.G. offers. The whole experience was a very rewarding part of my work with people with mental health challenges. Music is a universal and healing language (Search: Healing frequencies regenerating DNA for more info on this). Everyone can relate to music even when they are not used to the style of music they are hearing (sometimes especially because of this). The skills and experience I gained from improvising in groups almost every week for 5 years made it possible to have two albums of improvisation that came out most miraculously in my home studio. They were recordings done in one take each and only editing out (mostly extra space) to make it flow a little better. Much of the music sounded and felt almost like God already had them written and just poured them out through my hands. None of it was rearranged. Rather, they worked almost as though they were written pieces, which I never would have thought possible normally, but with God, this is not a normal life. It can be an extraordinary life full of “Little Miracles”. Although I don’t want to diminish the effort and hard work I’ve put into learning my craft, I admit it seems there was a bit of divine intervention that seemed to guide these particular tracks. It is a true honor for me to be able to share these with you and hopefully, they provide some healing vibrations as all of these tracks use a tuning system found in studies to be a catalyst for healing and regeneration even of DNA and of helping purify water. This healing is truly a gift provided by God and revealed within science. I hope it uplifts your spirit as well!



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