Hi Crayfish Clan,

I just wanted to let you all know that I have some publications that I have been published in and some books coming out soon that I think you would enjoy reading.  I have been writing poetry since 1990 and have written hundreds of poems and lyrics.  Be on the lookout for more books and publications of mine coming out soon and if you get the chance, check out the publications that I have been in in the past!

I have been published in three coffee table books and in Brevard College’s “Chirascuro Magazine”. I received an “Honorable Mention” in “Chirascuro Magazine’s” poetry competition in 2000. The coffee table books I have been published in were:

2008: The International Library of Poetry’s “Best Poems and Poets of 2007” Edited by Howard Ely;

2007: Noble House’s “Centres of Expression”;  This book is available on Amazon and all proceeds of this book go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  Just click on the title to take you to its Amazon page.

2005: The International Library of Poetry’s “A Surrender to the Moon”. Edited by Howard Ely


I also have two full-length poetry and lyric books that I am preparing to publish soon.

The first one “From Darkness to Light” is a collection of Christian poems and lyrics intended to be inspiring, educational and entertaining.

The second book (title to be announced later) is a secular collection of tasteful poems and lyrics I have written.  Don’t worry, it is still PG, just not overtly religiously oriented.

I will post links to the books I publish on this page and they will be located in the store I will add to this website and I plan on getting them in all the online stores like Amazon once they come out too.  You can get reminders about them in my newsletter.

Fill out the form below for my newsletter to hear more about me and what I do and to get updates on upcoming performances and releases of books, other publications I’m published in, cd’s, digital downloads, cool merchandise, and more Crayfish Clan Subscriber bonuses.  I also plan to include some music tips and inspirational tidbits in my newsletter to try to share some of what I’ve learned about mental health and well-being from my training as a mental health support specialist and from life lessons I’ve learned from in my years here below heaven.  Its a fun community of my extended-extended Crayfish family, as I consider you all part of the family I will one day get to enjoy Heaven with!  Sign up now!


Header photo of Beach and Sea Oats (2018 Emerald Isle, N.C.) is by Dianne Dailey Cray (my wife).

Page Photo of Myself and my dog Delilah On a Bridge (2017 Hungry Mother State Park) is also by Dianne Dailey Cray.