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David is available now for in-person and streaming performances as things are starting to open up again and he and his wife are fully vaccinated and still will be taking precautions to protect our Crayfish clan audience.

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David Michael Cray graduated high school & college from UNCSA & attended Berklee College of Music & Brevard College. He studied privately Aaron Shearer who had the most competition winner students in the world, a Segovia student(Gerald Klickstein), a “Ted” award winner(Roger Cope), & with Larry Almeida(UNCSA) and Robert Calmes. Performed in master-classes with many top performers & teachers in the world including five Grammy award winners. He performs solo classical guitar pieces from every musical period including hymns, Broadway tunes, popular songs, & unique original finger-style improvisation. He Performed with the W-S Symphony 2x’s in 1994 & has performed over 1000 times since 1990. With Christian Rock Band “Zion” he performed concerts & shared the stage with “Overflow” who had 2 Top 40 hits on Christian radio. Regularly performed at Celebrate Recovery in the band “Surrendered” at a church in W-S, N.C. for 5yrs. Founder & guitarist of Contemporary Christian Rock Band: “Temples of the Spirit” (where he met his wife Dianne) performing his original music and cover songs. “Temples of the Spirit Productions” is named in honor of meeting his wife in that band. His album “Little Miracles” came out Nov.30th, 2018 & is available at https://davidmichaelcray.bandcamp.com/. His poetry was published in the International Library of Poetry’s “Best Poems & Poets of 2007” & a few other coffee table books. He received an honorable mention in the Chirascuro Magazine’s Poetry Competition. Contact David for classical guitar performances & studio work at: info@davidmichaelcray.com.   

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David was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 2nd, 1973.  David Michael Cray is a classical guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, lyricist, and award-winning poet. He is also a North Carolina certified mental health support specialist.


After attending Cary High School from 1987-1990,  David auditioned and was accepted to U.N.C. School of the Arts for his senior year.  He graduated from both High School and College at the North Carolina School of the Arts where he majored in classical guitar performance.  He also briefly studied jazz, rock, and classical guitar at Brevard College in N.C. and is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
David later studied to become a N.C. State Certified Peer Support Specialist and worked at the Mental Health Association of Greensboro for five years helping people who struggle with mental health challenges. He integrates what he learned into his performances and his social profiles posting inspirational quotes and wellness tips.

David has always loved music and performs his own original music as well as music from all time periods and shares the life lessons he has learned from all the great teachers and experiences he has had in his life. It is his dream to use his music to spread a message of peace, joy, and love to people so it can be a catalyst for promoting health and well-being.


David’s Guitar Teachers:

David studied guitar privately with Robert Calmes (a Professor of Literature and the director of the writing program at St. Joseph’s Seminary College) before attending uNCSA.
While at UNCSA he studied with the infamous classical guitar teacher Aaron Shearer (published 13 books with Mel Bay Publishing and an Honorary Doctorate from Duquesne University. Dr Shearer had the most competition-winner students in the world while he was alive).
David also studied privately with a student of the great Andrés Segovia Torres named Gerald Klickstien (the Founder of Music Entrepreneurship and Career Center at Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University; Professor Klickstein taught at North Carolina School of the Arts (1992-2012), Univ. of Texas at San Antonio (1989-1992), Michigan State University (1986-1989), and Lansing Community College (1980-1985).
While at NCSA he also studied privately with Larry Almeida (assistant professor at  uNCSA).
While at Brevard College david studied privately with Roger Cope (Brevard College affiliate professor,  who also taught at the University of Southern California, He is a Times-News “Ted” Musician of the Year, and a student of Aaron Copeland, Leo Brouwer, Bruce Holzman, and other great musicians).
David has performed in masterclasses with many internationally renowned classical guitarists including 5 Grammy award winners. He has studied with amazing guitarists and teachers such as:
Aaron Shearer (see above);
Gerald Klickstein (see above);
Larry Almeida (see above);
Roger Cope (see above);
William Kanengizer (from the L.A. Guitar Quartet, Mr. Kanengizer is a Two time Grammy Award-winner with recordings with DG, Delos, Sony, Telarc, and GSP Records);
Bruce Holzman (He is a Professor at Florida State University, and he used to be tied with Aaron Shearer for having the most competition winner students in the world);
David Russell (He has records with GHA, Telarc, and Opera Tres record labels, and is a 2004 Grammy Award winner);
Ricardo Cobo (He was decorated with Colombia’s “Order of Cañasgordas” and the “Order of Belalcazar”, he has records with Naxos, Ellipses, and Essay Records);
Sergio Assad of the Assad Brothers (he is a two time Latin Grammy Award Winner with records with Sony, Nonesuch, and the Assad’s own label);
Paul O’dette (He is a famous Lute Performer with 5 Grammy nominations, he has 120 Recordings, and is a Professor at Eastman);
Norbert Kraft (He was a Professor at Manhatten School of Music, Univerity of Toronto, and Royal Conservatory of Music, He won the 1975 Canadian CBC Radio  and 1985 Andres Segovia International Guitar Competitions, he was Gramophone Magazine “Critic’s Choice 1989”, and was awarded Classic CD Magazine’s “Favourite CD of the Year”, he has records with Naxos Records);
Andrew Zohn (He has Publications with Les Productions d’Oz, Canada, Tuscany publications (Theodore Presser), and FJH Publication, he has recordings with Clear Note and Centaur Records, and he is the winner of 5 national and international competitions).




David has performed over one thousand performances in many venues as a solo artist and with various bands and also has performed twice with the W-S symphony at their “Pops in the Park” concert series.


He performed weekly in the Contemporary Christian Praise Band “Surrendered” for five years at Celebrate Recovery at Pinedale Christian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  He also performed in the Christian Rock Band “Zion” from Eden, N.C. for a little while, even sharing the stage with the band “Overflow” who had two top 40 hits on Christian Billboard Radio Charts.
Later, David founded the Christian Contemporary Rock Band “Temples of the Spirit” which was together from 2009-2012, where he met his wonderful wife. She was the lead singer in that band.


Dianne and David were married in 2012 and are very happy together. Temples of the Spirit gave david an outlet to perform his own original compositions and other Christian rock music cover-songs and turned out to be the place he met the love of his life!
David began working with people with mental health challenges in 2012 and worked for the Mental Health Association of Greensboro (M.H.A.G.) for five years until February 2018. While there he began performing live improvisation every week at performances that he gave in support groups that he facilitated as a kind of therapeutic music and information session where he gave patients information about M.H.A.G. he also let them know a little about himself and performed classical guitar repertoire for them.
This helped him to prepare for two albums of improvisational finger-style guitar music that he self-produced in his home studio. “Little Miracles” was released on November 30th, 2018. he also has released almost 20 Music videos in 2021 on his Crayfish clan-David Michael Cray Youtube channel and curates a few playlists on their and on Spotify as well.

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“Little Miracles” Album

David learned recording engineering from studying sound engineering in an internship at Whitewater Recording Studios in Asheville, North Carolina in 2000, and also through studying on his own very intensely since then. YouTube is so handy. he also got a lot of help from online courses, books, and many hundreds of blogs and email newsletters too! david is thrilled to make albums on his own! his second album is coming soon!
In October of 2016, he began his music business “Temples of the Spirit Productions” (given that name in honor of meeting his wife in that band) and left the Mental health association of Greensboro to pursue his music dreams more seriously soon after. he now perform mostly in and around the N.C. area, but is open to expanding!


Fun Fact: In studies, it was shown that people that attended concerts regularly were happier even than people who practiced yoga regularly. It is also believed that they live longer although more study needs to be done on that. It is possibly one of the most effective tools for mental health and is the most widely used tool too!
David is glad that he can still contribute to people’s health and well-being through his gift of the music that he performs and tips he gives through his social media, Crayfish Clan email subscription, and blog posts!




David also began writing poetry in 1991 and in the spring of 2000 received an Honorable Mention in Brevard College’s “Chirascuro Magazine” poetry competition and was published in the 2000 issue. He also won the chance to be in the International Library of Poetry and Poetry.com’s “Best Poems and Poets of 2007” coffee table book.
He has been published in three coffee table books including:
2008: The International Library of Poetry’s “Best Poems and Poets of 2007”;
2007: Noble House’s  “Centres of Expression”;
2005: The International Library of Poetry’s “A Surrender to the Moon”.
He has finished and is preparing to publish two full-length books of original poetry and lyrics (one of which is Christian and the other secular).  He just has to get the covers and artwork done!  So be on the lookout for those too!

For Booking:


David Michael Cray is available for classical guitar performances for :
Receptions, Weddings, Concerts, Dinner music, Meditation Groups, Retirement communities, Dance performances, Yoga groups, Restaurants, Private parties, House concerts, and other events.  He keeps his rates reasonable for more opportunity to share different types of music with people who may not have heard this style of music.
David is also available for studio recording, songwriting, composition, and occasionally has taught guitar privately.
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Have a truly blessed day, and may God fill your life with peace and joy!


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