Not a Hair on your Head will be harmed has been removed.

Due to too many misinterpretations of what I wrote and also people who agreed with it saying that there would be too many misinterpretations or that many people simply aren’t looking for any solutions that don’t involve getting rid of the virus directly, I have removed the post “Not a Hair On Your Head Will Be Harmed” in order to not have so many problems with having to respond to negative comments from people who are barely paying attention to what they read. Just to clarify, I was not saying that faith removed all problems or that not having faith always was the cause of problems or that anyone is avoiding being affected because of faith.  That would be impossible with a pandemic. We all are affected even if we aren’t infected. I just wanted people to keep standing on the promises of God so that things can work out better for them in the long run, even if it is only from rewards for having followed God through it all.  Sorry if you were led here hoping to read it. I hope you’ll check out the other things I have on my site and maybe get some free music from my Crayfish Clan email list.  I apologize for wasting your time. Love to all and my prayers are with you!



David Michael Cray

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